Downward Facing Dog – Carpal Tunnel Cure

Downward Facing Dog

Yoga’s Downward Facing Dog pose: 

All you need is a Yoga Mat

This pose is considered restorative.  Which means that you are in a state of restoration (or relaxation) while doing it.  That might seem a bit counterintuitive by looking at the pictures but I dig why it is because you are in an inversion.  An inversion is when your head is lower than your heart.

Inversions are good for Fibro Warriors because they calm the central nervous system and tell our bodies to go from fight and flight to rest and restore.

**Important Note.  If you have blood pressure issues, heart disease and various other medical conditions, Inversions are dangerous.  Please talk to you doctor before doing any inversions.

At first this pose hurt my wrists and it was almost unbearable until a teacher showed me a modification that enabled me to do the pose pain-free (which is the whole point of yoga!)  Do no harm!  Feel no pain!  If you’re feeling pain – come out of the pose!

Downward Facing Dog Modification

The picture to my right is the modification of Downward facing dog.  You roll up a yoga mat ( a towel works well too) and put it under your wrists.  It takes all the pressure away.

In the picture to the right my yoga pad is much thicker than in my picture above.  When I began doing the pose and my carpal tunnel was at its worst, I used a very thick roll.  I gradually needed less padding and now use the amount in the picture above.  If you try this technique use the amount of padding that you need.  Listen to your body! 

Tips & Tricks:

  • Keep your feet about two fists apart.
  • If your shoulders hurt (which they might) try to sink your torso & head closer to the ground.  It might help.  I had a lot of trouble with my shoulders at first.
  • If the pose is too intense, try it with your knees on the ground.  You get a similar effect.
  • Once you are more comfortable with this pose try lifting a leg in the air (one at a time) or rocking back and forth on your toes.  It feels great.  I will add more pics of these actions later!
  • There are several ways to come out of this pose.  A simple one is by lowering you knees to the ground 1 at a time.

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