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Abnormal Test Results with Fibromyalgia

So I finally had a test come back abnormal. It’s exciting and terrifying all at the same time.  The funny part is that of all the doctors I’ve seen, the doctor who ordered these was an allergist.  Odd. If you’ve looked at my … Continue reading

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1 Week Corn Free. Feeling better!

It’s been a week since I cut corn (and a few other foods) out of my diet due to the results from my elisa / act delayed onset allergy test and I am excited to report that I am legitatmely … Continue reading

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Sensitivity Symptoms with Fibromyalgia

In many ways Fibromyalgia is a disease of the senses.  I’ve read that when someone goes blind, their sense of smell and hearing becomes more acute.  It’s the bodies way of compensating for the loss of one sense.  It’s seems … Continue reading

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Leary of Doctors? Talking to your doctor with Fibromyalgia

Me too!  I have been to gobs of doctors over the years and none of them ever figured out that I had Fibromyalgia.  I’ve often wondered how they could have missed it considering I am a pretty text book case … Continue reading

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Finding the Humor During Hard Times

My first aqua aerobics class was a defining moment in my war against Fibromyalgia. I always considered myself a hard-core gym rat.  I went to the gym with the intention of killing it & then asking for more.  I spun … Continue reading

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Sleep Disruption with Fibromyalgia

I love this picture!  John and I went to the Beach for my 31st Birthday and I promptly fell asleep on the beach for two hours.  If you have Fibro, you know that’s because we are constantly EXHAUSTED! I try … Continue reading

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