Penny & Buttercup with Santa

We’re all busy.  I have a lot of information posted on my blog.  If you’re looking for a Cliff’s Notes version of how I improved my Fibromyalgia read this page.

1. Stroga.  I developed a personal 10-20 minute stretching / yoga routine that I do at a minimum 2 times a day.  I do it first thing in the morning, before I go to bed and before and after any strenuous activity like exercise, gardening, riding my bike, or housework.  You might think you don’t have the time.  MAKE TIME.  This works.  Click on my link above to go to my stroga page for more info.  All you need is a  Yoga Mat.

2.  Sleep through the night.  I have a page dedicated to this and a blog post as well.  Fibro warriors sleep terribly.  I used to be one of them.  Now I sleep through the night almost every night and feel so much better.  I started doing daily hypnosis / relaxation with an app for my iphone by Andrew Johnson. The first app I did was his relax app I then purchased his deep sleep app and began doing it right before going to sleep.  I usually fall asleep while doing this app.  After doing the deep sleep app, I began sleeping the full night through.  At the very least get his deep sleep app.  Don’t have an iphone?  I sure you can get a recording.  It works.

3.  Super B-Complex: This helps with fatigue!  If I could choose 1 vitamin this would be it!  For more info, visit my Fatigue page.

4.  Elisa / Act Delayed Food Allergy Testing:  I have written a lot of blogs on this.  Short story.  There is a theory that delayed food allergies cause an immune reaction in your body and people with Fibromyalgia are especially sensitive to it.  It is this that causes the flu like symptoms we experience.  After taking this test and eliminating my triggers my pain level has gone from an 8 to a 3 or 4 (sometimes a 1 or 2).  I rarely have any achy flu like symptoms anymore.  Wanna read more?  Click on my blogs below.

5.  Aerobic Exercise.  I’m sure you’ve heard this but it makes a difference.  I always feel better the day after exercise.  I normally do it every day so as a whole, I feel better.  I absolutely cannot exercise without doing my stroga routine before and after.  If I do, my back goes into spasm within a 1/2 hour of exercising.

6.  Chiropractics.  My chiropractor is awesome.  Find the right one and go to them.  They can help.


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