Skin Problems

Strawberries in a pot

Strawberries in a pot

Fibromyalgia can cause lots of skin issues: acne, rosacea, dermographism.  I have pictures of my skin issues on My Symptoms page.  I have found various things that work relatively well for them.

  • Acne:  I’ve tried them all – Proactive, Neutrogena, I could go on.  I use Burt’s Bees Acne kit and was really surprised because it actually worked!  I don’t use it per their directions.  I use the face wash, only use the moisturizer in the winter and put the spot treatment over my entire face.  I also use proactive sulfur mask in the summer.  This seems to be a really good combo.  The cheapest way I’ve found is to purchase the entire kit at  I have the link above.
  • Dermographism / Urticaria:  Your body produces too much histamine which in turn causes a constant state of hives.  Mine is caused by an autoimmune condition.  I take 10mg of Claritin twice a day.  It is a double dose.  I take one at night and one in the am as instructed by my allergist.
  • Rosacea / weird face rash:  I put Vaseline on it at night and sometimes during the day if it’s really acting up.  Note – Rosacea or rashes similar to rosacea can be an indication of other autoimmune illnesses such as Lupus.  Get it checked out.

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