IBS – irritable bowl syndrome

Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

If you are a Fibro Warrior, you more than likely deal with IBS as well – oh joy!

I have been dealing with IBS since early childhood and have figured out some pretty good methods to keeping it under control through diet and exercise.  Sometimes there is simply nothing to do but take medicine to get it under control and I have one of those below as well.

  • Acidophilus:  I used to live off of Tums until I found acidophilus.  This is a supplement that aids  in digestion.  I’ve been taking acidophilus for years and it helps immensely with nausea and indigestion.  I can’t remember the last time I took Tums.  If you suffer from both of those symptoms, it might help.
  • Exercise:  I find daily exercise (walking, yoga, etc) helps to regulate me.
  • Fiber:  Fiber aids in digestion by slowing everything down because it’s harder to digest.  Some people take supplements like Metamucil, but I’ve never gone that route.  I always eat whole wheat bread & try to each as many fruits and veges as possible.  It makes a world of difference.
  • Kaopectate: This is an anti-diarrhea / stomach reliever.   This works really well for me because it’s gentle.  I don’t get constipated afterwards.  If I’m having a problem, I take it right away and it normally stops any future bathroom visits that day.  I usually don’t go to the bathroom the next day and by day 3 I am back to normal.  It may turn your stool dark brown or black.  You can’t find it everywhere.  I buy it at CVS and Giant food store.
  • Salad, salad, salad: This is the key!  Remember when I mentioned fiber earlier? Salad is Fiber!  It goes against what your mother told you.  If I had diarrhea, my mom (and grandmother and doctor) all put me a bland diet – eggs, soup, broth.  During a particularly hard time (pre gastroenterologist) I had diarrhea for almost 6 months straight.  Part of that was exacerbated by the bland diet!  My gastroenterologist set me straight.  When I get diarrhea the first thing I make is a bowl of salad.
  • Tums:  Before acidophilus, I had Tums in my purse, in my car, by my bed, in the bathroom and in the kitchen.  They’re not good at preventing indigestion but are helpful at helping acute attacks.

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