I used to barely be able to get through the morning. Not the day; the morning.  By dinner, I was literally falling asleep at the table.  I was in bed by 9.  Now I am fatigue free and on most days caffeine free.  Here’s what I did:

I began sleeping again!  Fibro Warriors have trouble sleeping.  They don’t go into deep restorative sleep which our bodies need to heal from the day.  I was one of those warriors.  I would wake up 6-8 times a night and felt like garbage in the morning.   I now sleep soundly almost every night. Check out my page sleep better.

I take a Super B Complex vitamin.  I use Naturemade.   Within a week of using this supplement, my energy was greatly increased.  Of course, talk to you doctor first.

Since doing these two things, I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of my life back.  I have the energy to do things I enjoy again.  My life is no longer controlled by exhaustion.  Honestly after years of exhaustion I would have never even thought it possible.

They have lots of versions.  With Vitamin C and Folic Acid or the basics.  I have links to amazon.com Super B Complex by Naturemade below:


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