Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Old Bridge in the Pine Barrens

Old Bridge in the Pine Barrens

I have Carpal tunnel syndrome in my right hand (and at times my left).  I don’t get it from the computer, I get it from life!  Below lists two braces I use with great success and an exercise I do that reverses carpal tunnel.  I’m including two braces I use.  They both cost around $20 but it’s worth the investment.  Seriously.

Braces that Help with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

  • Futuro Night Support Brace:  I would wake at night up time and again with serious pain and numbness in my hand and arm.  This brace helps with that immensely.  I still have numbness from time to time but it’s very infrequent and less severe.
    • Note:  It takes a little bit to get used to it.  At first I would wake up in the am and my hand would be stiff.  Give it some time.  It is amazing
    • Link to Futuro Night Support Brace

Me doing the Downward Facing Dog Pose

Exericse to reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  

All you need is a Yoga Mat.  Some people use two, I usually roll 1 over. You can get them on fairly inexpensively.

Link to Yoga Mat

Yoga’s Downward Facing Dog pose:   Most books tell you to avoid it if you have carpal tunnel.  I have read that new studies reveal that it actually helps carpal tunnel it if you do it with the proper support.

I noticed an improvement of my symptoms after 2 months of doing the pose 5-6 times a week holding for 10 seconds to 2 minutes, several times a yoga session.  HOWEVER!  You have to do the modified version.  It hurts entirely too much otherwise.

Modified Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose

Downward Facing Dog Modification for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

You have to support your wrists with a rolled up Yoga Mat underneath.  In the picture to the right my yoga pad is much thicker than in my picture above.  When I began doing the pose, my carpal tunnel was at its worst and I used a very thick roll.  I gradually needed less padding and now use the amount in the picture above.  If you try this technique use the amount of padding that you need.  Listen to your body.  If you’ve never done Yoga, it wouldn’t hurt to ask a Yoga instructor how to properly do the pose.  


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