Results from Elisa / Act Delayed Allergy Test

I’ve been talking about Delayed allergies in several posts in regards to the Elisa / Act test.  You can read either of them by clicking on the links below:

Food Intolerance Post

More info on the Elisa / Act Test.

For those of you not wanting to read these posts, I’ll give you the Cliff’s notes version. We have delayed allergic reactions to food, chemicals, molds, compounds etc that result in all sorts of bad body reactions.  These reactions occur 24-78 hours after we come in contact with these products / foods.  Our immune system believes these products / foods are foreign bodies and attack them as they would a virus entering our bodies.  Not all doctors buy delayed onset allergies despite the fact that there have been tons of studies done validating this theory.  My doctor is one of the people not believing in this phenomenon.  Despite his opinion, I decided to go ahead and get myself tested for delayed allergies.

The Elisa / Act Test tests your blood and determines what you are allergic too.

I recently got my test results back and apologize for neglecting my blog recently as I have been trying to figure out how to navigate through life dealing with what I believe is the most difficult allergy ever.

I have 10 delayed allergies some of which are pretty simple – grapefruit (one of my favorites, sigh), tuna and others that are not so simple.  Sadly, I discovered that I have a delayed allergy to corn.  You’re probably sitting here thinking well that’s not too hard, right?  That’s what I first thought when I read my results.  That was until I started researching corn and came to realize that corn is in practically everything we eat and come into contact with.  Want some examples?

  • Almost all prepared and prepackaged food (rice mixes, pasta, bread, anything frozen, deli meats and cheeses, salad dressing)
  • Olive oil / vinegar
  • ketchup / mustard / mayo
  • Laundry detergent
  • toothpaste
  • makeup
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • vanilla
  • bottled water
  • all cleaning products
  • medicine – advil / tylenol / zyrtec
  • vitamines – almost all of them

I could keep going on but it’s depressing.  The positive thing is that I only need to avoid corn and corn products for 3 months.  The challenging part is how do I actually do it?  So far I’ve found some alternatives like the 1 toothpaste in the country that doesn’t contain corn and an all natural vanilla.  I’ve spent the entire week on the phone with manufacturers, most of whom have been really great (a few who have been complete jerks).

It’s an overwhelming and daunting prospect, like the fact that I pretty much need to wash all of my clothing and can’t eat out or eat anything cooked by anyone but myself for the next 3 months.  On the bright side, I’ve always enjoyed cooking and baking bread and now I have no choice but to explore it even further and hone my skill.  I’m excited to start making pizza sauce.

I’m really hoping that this is going to help me feel better.  Assuming I can get all the corn out of my system…

Yours in health,


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