Leary of Doctors? Talking to your doctor with Fibromyalgia

Johnny as a Proctologist on Halloween

Johnny as a Proctologist on Halloween

Me too!  I have been to gobs of doctors over the years and none of them ever figured out that I had Fibromyalgia.  I’ve often wondered how they could have missed it considering I am a pretty text book case – as my most recent family doctor told me.  She didn’t miss the diagnosis because I walked into her office and said I think I have Fibromyalgia.

I’ve had some really interesting “diagnosis” over the years.  I had an eye doctor who told me that my eyes focused at different times causing eye issues.  She then recommended her innovative eye therapy that wasn’t covered by insurance.  Another eye doctor, who I began to believe was insane, told me that she thought I was either an epileptic or had brain cancer.  She then laughed loudly (she had a very prominent nervous laugh) and hugged me.  This was after waiting  for over 2 hours to see her which was par for the course at her office.

It was after getting an MRI, an EEG and having blood taken a kabillion times that I put at stop to the madness!  I had been through too much stress and to too many doctors.  I didn’t go to another doctor for about five years until my recent visit to my new family doctor.

Along with the incompetent ones, I also stumbled upon a few sleezoids along the way.  I once had a neurologist tell me that he needed to give me a pelvic exam.  His justification was decidedly lacking and I informed him that I had a gynecologist and he could consult with her if he had a relevant questions.  Gross.

The one that bothers me the most is the family doctor I saw for almost 5 years. She was well aware of my ever changing and unexplainable symptoms.  She ran every blood test under the sun and sent me to every specialist yet the diagnosis escaped her.  You might be thinking that she was incompetent to miss such obvious symptoms; yet she wasn’t.  She was a “competent” doctor.  She was unfortunately a non-believer.  If you haven’t run into one, you will.  There are still doctors practicing medicine who do not believe in Fibromyalgia despite the fact that it is recognized by The World Health Organization, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services & treatment is covered by insurance.  There are also doctors who believe mental illness is all in our heads – no pun intended.  They believe with some exercise and positive thinking we could stop it – sound familiar Tom Cruise???  Fibromyalgia was once deemed The Hysterical Woman Syndrome by physicians.  I really wish I was joking.

Doctors like mine make me angry and then sad.  Along with not being able to diagnose me, my doctor also didn’t believe in psychotherapy or going to a chiropractor.  After going to physical therapy for a year without any relief, I had to fight with her to send me to a chiropractor.  Simply put.  My doctor was a moron.  And as far as I’m concerned, she was negligent as well.  I spent years running, spinning, hauling heavy bags of whatever and was in no way taking care of my body.  I had no idea that I was causing harm to myself because I never realized that the pain I was in wasn’t normal. Shame on her for putting me in that position.  And shame on her for putting all her current patients at risk.  How many people in need is she sending to the gym instead of the shrink?  That’s downright dangerous.

This is why it is so important to like your doctor!  Remember, just because they went to school forever doesn’t make them any smarter than you.  If they don’t listen to you or poo poo what you’re saying – seek a second opinion.  I know that’s a hassle but YOU are your biggest advocate.  No one cares about your more than yourself and no one will take better care of you than you will.

Yours in Health,


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