Sleep Disruption with Fibromyalgia

Margo Sleeping on the Beach

Sleeping on the Beach on my 31st Birthday

I love this picture!  John and I went to the Beach for my 31st Birthday and I promptly fell asleep on the beach for two hours.  If you have Fibro, you know that’s because we are constantly EXHAUSTED! I try not to drink caffeine and during this time I had totally kicked it.  Hence the sleeping through my birthday.

I’ve spent years being exhausted.  I remember saying to my mom that I felt like I wasn’t getting a recooperative sleep. I don’t think that’s a real term but my body knew what I meant.  Some days I’d sleep for 10 hours and wake up exhausted.  That just doesn’t jive, right? Wrong!

People living with Fibro have a lot of trouble sleeping.  And as with every characteristic of this disease, there are a lot of different theories as to why.  Web MD explains some of them on their website.

For me there are several reasons that I know of why my sleep is often disrupted.

  1. I suffer from a lot of bladder infections (gee, thanks Fibro) and I wake up having to go to the bathroom
  2. I wake up with a 13 pound cat lying in between my legs which are by then, screaming.
  3. My lower back is killing me.  I think I sleep in the same position for too long and it stiffens up.  Normally something as simple as moving fixes it.
  4. I suffer from carpal tunnel in my right hand and will at times wake up with a numb, painful hand.  I use a night brace that helps immensely.
  5. Occasionally (thankfully) I wake up with my back or legs in full muscle spasm.  This happened on vacation in Jamaica.  It sucked.  A lot.
  6. Other, extraneous noises wake me up like the neighbor opening a door, or a car drives by.

I  wonder if I slept for a total of 4 hours last night.  I woke up almost every hour for no particular reason.  I was having some wicked nightmares but aside from that, I wasn’t in an amount of pain that would explain my ridiculously bad sleep.  But I guess that’s the mystery of this illness.  Some things simply can’t be explained.

Does this sound similar?  What do you do to help get a more restorative sleep?  I’m referring to non-drug related suggestions.  I know some people get great relief from sleep aids.  But for me personally, I prefer to go without.

One suggestion I have is a noise machine that helps me to sleep more soundly.

Yours in Health!


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